Ranges & Grades

Every FIREOX product has a range and a grade so that you can achieve awesomeness. Please review this page for how we have graded our products.

Our Ranges

Because you need your territory.

Named after the great alpine park – Greatness Preserved. The Alpine range shows the pinnacle of FIREOX craftsmanship. A range you’ll feel proud to own and one that will allow you to own your territory.

Named after the icy old terrain of the north pole – Ice Cool. The Arctic range has been created and styled with class, with a traditional feel and clean look. A range where you can truly express yourself on the field.

Named after the great Taiga rainforest – a Kingdom like no other. The Taiga range is part of FIREOX elite gear, using new technology balanced with tradition. Sleek and classy, high in performance. It’s the range of choice for professional players.

Named after the great circle on our planet’s surface – Meridian by FIREOX is True Balance. A range that is made for players who seek the perfect balance in performance, innovation and utility. A range that is made for emerging players and professionals.

Named after the mighty Kalahari Desert, like no other – The Greatest. All Kalahari bats, gloves and pads have been specially graded for performance. This range proudly breaks all the rules and sets new standards.

Our Grading

Take your game to the next level, the more the Heat Level the more you perform with FIREOX.

-Grade 3 & 4
-Entry Level
-FIREOX Quality and Craftsmanship
-Economical performance

-Grade 2
-Armature Level
-FIREOX Quality and Craftsmanship
-Economical performance

-Grade 1
-Club Level
-Ideal combination of quality and affordability

-Grade 1 Plus
-Professional Level

-Pro Reserve
-Best of the lot
-Reserved for people looking for the best